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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2024-03-17 PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 $ 1250000
2023-12-15 ESL Impact S4 $ 123000
2023-12-15 World Championship 2023 $ 350000
2023-12-15 ESL Atlanta 2023 $ 100000
2023-12-12 BLAST World Final 2023 $ 1000000
2023-11-28 VCT 2023 GC Championship No info
2023-11-24 ESL 2023 Winter $ 100000

Esportz4u – Welcome to the Land of eSports

Playing sports has always been a practice we have undergone ever since we were little. It started off with playing basketball in our driveway, football in our backyard, and a variety of games that would keep up busy throughout the game. Now, however, a new type of sports has emerged – and that is in the form of electronic sports.

A Passion in eSports

So, what are eSports? Well, to put it simply, eSports are forms of competitions in which the medium is the video game. The sport generally takes a form of organized competition, single or multi-player, taking their skills on the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). Most of these games are first-person shooters that use professional players in particular, but that are always attracting more and more players throughout the seasons.

The rise of eSports has been quite visible over the past few years. Some people have been playing as a hobby, whereas others are taking it as far as playing it professionally, during tournaments. Professional eSports has been on the rise of popularity for quite some time, and people are using it to go higher on the rankings and win some prize pools.

These players generally receive a global ranking for being the best in their field, regardless of their game of choice. Some people are playing CS: GO and DotA 2, whereas other people make it a profession out of playing League of Legends, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. These games are all present on the Esportz4u page, which you may follow at any time that you want.

Ranking Up the Players

Online games are played by players, each of them featuring a different role. Some eSports players are going on the defensive, whereas other players have to be on the offensive. Each player will need to have a supportive or an attack role in order to help their teams win the tournaments.

Depending on the game that you are playing and the professional eSport competition that you are playing through, you may have to play through different roles. For example, players in Overwatch may not have the same definition as the players in League of Legends.

The roles, however, are similar in purpose: to support the team. This is why a certain level of strategizing should be due as well – because, with proper strategy, you should be able to become an asset and raise yourself (and the team) up the ranks even higher.

Teaming Up for the Games

Regardless of the game that you are playing (aside from Hearthstone, which is a single-player game), you will have to form teams in order to play. The average game has you playing in teams of five players, playing against five players from a different team.

The players of each team will have a well-defined role. Sometimes, however, you may be playing in smaller teams (two people), whereas other times you may be playing a bigger team (8 people). It will mostly depend on the kind of match that you are planning to join at that time, as well as its difficulty level. In some cases, you will have to decide for yourself how many players of a type the team will have – and in other cases, the game will decide for you which player is going to perform which role.

Joining into eSports Tournaments

People who join an eSport organization do so for the purpose of having fun. They want to play a match at the end of a very long day, and they simply log in to take down some enemies and blow off some steam. These are known as casual players, and the game for them is just this: a video game.

That being said, there are some eSports fans that see it as more than your average game and go as far as joining global tournaments. These tournaments are not only an opportunity to choose the best team or player, but they are also a good occasion to win some attractive prizes.

Depending on the tournament that you are joining, there will be different prize pools to win. Depending on the game that you are playing, there will also be different tournaments to play – but their pattern is similar wherever you log in. Depending on your level, here are the tournaments that you should generally be able to go for:

  • Premier Tournaments: These tournaments are for those that play eSports on a professional level. The prize pool is generally quite outstanding, and top players from all over the world are generally gathering to earn the title of “the best.”
  • Major Tournaments: Just under premier tournaments we also have major tournaments, where top players gather, but they also accept beginners. The tournaments take place online and offline, and the prize pool is also generally quite high.
  • Minor Tournaments: If you are barely starting off or are only looking for a quick tournament, then you might want to go for a minor event. The prize pools are smaller, but they still draw quite a high competition level.

Aside from these tournaments, you may also come across weekly and monthly tournaments, along with special events. Bear in mind that these tournaments work on a schedule which you will have to keep an eye on.

The Game Industry News

For you to keep onto your rank as a professional player, you will need to keep score of everything that is happening. This is why you should keep an eye on the news page of your eSport association. Not only will you find out exactly when some tournaments are taking place, but you will also learn who managed to rank up throughout the last matches.

The eSports industry is a very challenging one, all while being quite entertaining. There quite some adrenaline involved with wanting to be the best, and this type of sport can certainly hype you up.