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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 ropz Robin Kool $ 970738 814 1 day ago
2 Twistzz Russel Van Dulken $ 1145650 770 1 day ago
3 rain Håvard Nygaard $ 1235288 766 1 day ago
4 NiKo Nikola Kovač $ 1187277 755 2 days ago
5 broky Helvijs Saukants $ 587143 740 1 day ago
6 stavn Martin Lund $ 487373 729 1 day ago
7 k0nfig Kristian Wienecke $ 507652 725 2 weeks ago
8 Ax1Le Sergey Rykhtorov $ 609795 709 2 days ago
9 cadiaN Casper Møller $ 559511 709 1 day ago
10 Jabbi Jakob Nygaard $ 215669 706 1 day ago
11 huNter- Nemanja Kovač $ 581890 704 2 days ago
12 m0NESY Ilya Osipov $ 282974 703 2 days ago
13 tabseN Johannes Wodarz $ 394752 703 1 day ago
14 ZywOo Mathieu Herbaut $ 691048 702 1 day ago
15 frozen David Čerňanský $ 360833 702 1 day ago
16 NAF Keith Markovic $ 1023022 702 6 days ago
17 sdy Viktor Orudzhev $ 289890 700 2 weeks ago
18 Magisk Emil Reif $ 1573292 693 1 day ago
19 sjuush Rasmus Beck $ 544338 691 1 day ago
20 sh1ro Dmitry Sokolov $ 608035 690 2 days ago

The Most Amazing CSGO Players

It’s usually very difficult to know who the best CSGO players are. Unless you’ve been into this game for a while, there’s no way you would’ve heard of them. They don’t receive the same recognition as athletes, so it’s not a surprise that you don’t really know amazing players. But say no more – this post will show you who some of the most amazing CSGO players are.

CSGO Players to Check

Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg

F0rest is considered to be the best CSGO player due to playing Counter-Strike for over 15 years. He’s still able to perform at an amazing level, which is impressive. He’s very frequently being called the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) as he has a lot of skill and is a key part of his team. That being said, he’s definitely one of the top CSGO players.

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz

Dev1ce is definitely considered the Counter Strike Global Offensive best player by many people who are into the game. It’s all thanks to his MVP titles, as well as amazing performance. Even though his team has an amazing CSGO player count of skilled people, he somehow still manages to shine. He is a crucial part of the team, which is what helped him become so popular.

Kenny “kennyS” Schrub

KennyS has been able to maintain his spot on the top CSGO pro players list for a long time, even though him moving from a team to another made him seem unsure. His style of playing is what earned him his popularity, as he is always able to predict the movements of the other players during the games, and he can place quick shots as well. A lot of people are envious of his abilities, but he worked hard to gain them. He’s a player worth looking forward to.

Mathieu “Zywoo” Herbaut

As part of team Vitality, Zywoo is already considered the best Counter Strike player, even though it hasn’t been a long time since his debut. Being only 19 years old, he is just like the piece that completes the puzzle for Vitality, because his skills are necessary for the team’s success.

Many times, he was able to earn MVP honors. Although the whole team won the championship, it was all because of Zywoo that they were able to do this, as he carried them. So, even as a new player, he is already one of the most popular ones and deserves to be the center of attention.

Final Thoughts

Few CS: GO players are able to be on the 1st spot, and they really manage to maintain it, despite the Counter Strike player count increasing every year. It’s nice to know who you can keep an eye on and support. Hopefully, these professional gamers names sparked your interest and you will know who to root for during the next major CS: GO tournament.