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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-12-15 ESL DH Atlanta 2023 $ 100000
2023-12-15 ESL Impact S4 $ 123000
2023-12-12 BLAST World Final 2023 $ 1000000
2023-11-24 ESL DH Winter 2023 $ 100000
2023-11-22 BLAST Fall Finals 2023 $ 425000
2023-10-16 IEM 2023 Fall $ 250000
2023-10-11 FiReLEAGUE 2023 Finals $ 150000

CS GO eSports – Everything You Need to Know

CSGO is a first-person shooter game that succeeded in stealing the hearts of many people throughout the years. Although there are many other first-person shooter games, the eSport CS: GO managed to maintain a consistent fan base. It has roots in 1999, but it improved, becoming a game where you have a lot of options and you can have fun with other people too. Do you want to know more about the famous PC game? If that’s the case, you’ll find out more about it from this page.

How It All Started for CS GO eSports

The CS GO eSports was developed from the first version of the game, which came out in 1999. While Counter-Strike: Source came out just before the start of the 2000s, CS: GO was released only in 2012. The way the development started is quite interesting. The aim was to make the game portable on video game consoles. But nobody knew that this was about to set the foundation of one of the most popular electronic sports in the world.

The game started being developed in 2010. The public only found out about it in 2011, and 10,000 people had the chance to play the closed beta version of it in November. Then, the game was released in 2012. It didn’t stop there for the eSport CSGO, though – improvements have been made over the years, especially with the player number increasing, along with the popularity in the game industry. As such, there were new weapons, maps, modes, and many other things added.

How Is CS: GO Played?

Before gaining access to the game, you need a Steam account. You have to purchase it, so you gain access to all features of the game. There are no DLCs.

In CS: GO, you have to play in a team, with some other players. You have a choice to make: to either be on the terrorist team or counter-terrorist team. The two teams are trying to reach their end goals and also eliminate the players from the enemy team.

Additionally, there is also a big number of maps to choose from. Each one of them has different hiding spots, and they offer different advantages to one or both of the teams. You have to play a good amount of CS: GO to learn all the maps.

Also, you need to learn how to take advantage of smokes, your gun and anything of the sort. It’s crucial to learn how to aim too and come up with a good strategy to take over the enemy team. If you play a good amount of the Counter Strike eSports game, you will be able to master it.

CS: GO in eSports

As already mentioned, CS: GO is very big in the eSports field. When one thinks about a first-shooter game in the eSports industry, CS: GO is surely what pops up in their mind.

Every year, there are CSGO eSports tournaments, hosted by Valve and third-party organizations. In these competitions, you can see a lot of eSports CSGO teams, showing off the skills they’ve acquired during the many years of playing the game. These events are very entertaining, and they offer professional players the chance to win nice amounts of money.

Not to mention, these eSports Counter Strike tournaments are also great ways to spread the popularity of the game too, as well as give fans the chance to bet.

Some of the biggest tournaments are the Majors. Taking place annually, these events have very high prize pools that have many teams interested in participating. For this reason, the tournaments are very popular, and they are awaited by many fans from all over the world.

Final Thoughts

The eSport CS GO has been one of the few games that for into eSports and managed to stay a top choice from the very beginning. You may think that the popularity decreased, but that’s actually not true. The game is still going strong, so don’t be surprised to see it going for many other years.