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Player ID Player Name Position Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Biziem Bozhidar Bogdanov Mid $ 288658 636 6 days ago
2 Stormstormer Daniel Schoetzau Mid $ 148298 623 6 days ago
3 watson Alimzhan Islambekov Carry $ 32719 620 6 days ago
4 MidOne Yeik Nai Zheng Offlaner $ 1827624 609 1 week ago
5 nine Leon Kirilin Mid $ 1923055 598 6 days ago
6 JaCkkY Souliya Khoomphetsavong Carry $ 236434 594 1 week ago
7 33 Neta Shapira Offlaner $ 2335095 592 6 days ago
8 re1bl Maxim Afanasyev Mid $ 44410 591 1 day ago
9 Mikoto Rafli Fathur Rahman Mid $ 106419 589 1 week ago
10 Noticed Evgeniy Ignatenko Offlaner $ 45545 586 2 days ago
11 jabz Anucha Jirawong Offlaner $ 776463 584 1 week ago
12 Tobi Tobias Buchner Offlaner $ 156036 581 6 days ago
13 skiter Oliver Lepko Carry $ 1945527 574 6 days ago
14 miCKe Michael Vu Carry $ 726651 571 1 week ago
15 Monet Du Peng Carry $ 1330220 571 2 days ago
16 Armel Armel Paul Tabios Mid $ 581500 569 1 week ago
17 Zai Ludwig Wahlberg Offlaner $ 3629070 567 1 week ago
18 Ace Marcus Hoelgaard Christensen Offlaner $ 893467 567 1 week ago
19 Paparazi Zhang Chengjun Mid $ 1207376 565 2 days ago
20 Xxs Lin Jing Offlaner $ 962669 561 2 days ago

The Best Dota 2 Players of All Time

Dota 2 players pop up all the time, and just like you can imagine, all of them want to be the best. While this is not impossible, not all of them manage to surpass the world-famous Dota 2 pro players, because they worked way too hard and are very skilled. They earned their spot. So, who are these top Dota 2 players that keep entertaining the masses of Dota fans? Let’s take a look at them.

Dota 2 Players to Look At


Clement “Puppey” Ivanov is considered one of the best Dota 2 active players because all the teams that he’s been in have been at the top. Both Natus Vincere and Team Secret were successful while he was in them. Having a consistent playstyle, he is able to win by leading his team to success. In competitive Dota 2, he’s so appreciated because he has leadership qualities. He has a great commanding presence and a strong character.


Dendi is a player with many accomplishments, as he was able to get to three International tournaments, and consecutive ones on top of that. Even better, he made it to the finals as well. As a mid laner, he is a huge inspiration for newer players. Although he didn’t have the best results over the very last years, he is still playing professionally, so you can expect to see him in many games.


How can we have a list of the best and most popular Dota 2 players without including N0tail? He’s considered the best Dota 2 player, there’s no doubt about that. His career in popular eSports wasn’t always the best, as he didn’t only split with a teammate and old friend of his, aka Fly, but he also didn’t qualify for LANs in the past. His lack of fortune disappeared when he started winning TI not once, but twice. He didn’t stop, though – he was able to win half of the events made by Valve that had prize pools over 3 million dollars. It’s not a surprise that he’s on the Dota 2 leaderboards.


Fear is a long-time Dota 2 player, loved by many. His popularity didn’t even start with Dota 2 – he was already popular and appreciated in the NA community, and his advice and support helped many. Later, he made his debut into eSports. While he had a bad start, he was able to work hard and then he won EG’s TI5.

Final Thoughts

You can simply check Dota 2 player stats and you’ll notice who the best players of the game are. They have big followings on social media and won a lot of prize money. The ones on this list will always have the respect of Dota 2 fans, so you can look them up and start supporting them yourself.