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Team Name Earned Pro Circuit Rating
1 OG $ 33451940 No Info 203.00
2 Liquid $ 22696791 1800 293.00
3 EG $ 19912780 4350 22.00
4 PSG.LGD $ 15948311 No Info 461.00
5 NewBee $ 13392869 No Info 35.00
6 Secret $ 11157317 4850 735.00
7 Wings $ 9709331 No Info 0.00
8 VP $ 9553727 100 307.00
9 VG $ 8791314 5100 491.00
10 IG $ 5353394 3140 500.00
11 [A] $ 4729293 1920 255.00
12 Na’Vi $ 4677092 150 54.00
13 DC $ 4388671 No Info 0.00
14 TnC $ 4363733 5300 68.00
15 Fnatic $ 4076769 300 144.00
16 EHOME $ 3852390 150 517.00
17 CDEC $ 3575752 No Info 419.00
18 LGD.FY $ 3001406 No Info 0.00
19 MVP $ 2789238 No Info 0.00
20 Mineski $ 2221381 No Info 0.00


Amazing Dota 2 Teams that Every Fan Should Support

The professional Dota 2 teams are not playing around – every year, they participate in tournaments with the goal to win the best title. They all want to be 1st, but only a few teams succeed. Which teams are these, though?

With Dota 2 events approaching, the need to know the best Dota 2 team to support is growing as well. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you will stumble upon many great Dota 2 pro teams, but to make your search easier, here are the most amazing ones.

Top Dota 2 Teams


While they may have not been the winners of TI9, LGD still had an amazing performance and a nice season. They had to face against teams such as Evil Geniuses, Virtus Pro and Team Secret, yet they were able to handle the situation as a Dota 2 team. They kept up with them and considering how good those other top Dota 2 teams are, it’s a big achievement. Furthermore, they were one of the top teams at every Major tournament of the year.


NaVi is a team that managed to make their name known, partially because of Dendi, who is an amazing player, but also because of the effort of the other players. In the first-ever Dota 2 International, Dendi had an outstanding performance which can never be forgotten, as it helped them win the tournament. The team is still one of the most successful ones, and many fans are looking forward to their performance.

Virtus Pro

In Dota 2 eSports tournaments, Virtus Pro has been one of the shining teams these past years. They’ve proven time and time again that they mean business, and they did this by winning a good number of major tournaments these past years. With a good roster that isn’t changing all the time, the team is one of the most awaited ones in tournaments.

Team Secret

You only have to check Dota 2 team rankings, and you’ll immediately see Team Secret there. The team has Puppey, which is one of the most loved players thanks to his qualities as a leader and his skills and consistency as a player. As such, the team was able to make it to every International tournament after Puppey joined. They were able to finish in the top four as well, for the very first time. That said, it’s a team worth supporting.

Final Thoughts

On every Dota 2 team ranking, you will see the most successful teams in the game, and if you want to support any team, that’s the place to check. These teams will certainly be featured on Dota team rankings. With effort and dedication, they managed to gain worldwide recognition and make a living through gaming. Since they are so unique and successful, they deserve all the praise.