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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 The International XII $ 1600000 6 teams No info
2 2022 Asian Games No info 17 teams No info
3 IESF 2023 $ 100000 18 teams 43 players
4 Riyadh Masters 2023 $ 15000000 1 teams No info
5 Bali Major 2023 $ 500000 18 teams No info
6 BB SB S3 $ 12281 6 teams No info
7 DreamLeague S20 $ 1000000 16 teams No info
8 1XPLORE LATAM 4 $ 30000 8 teams 45 players
9 Pinnacle Cup 2 $ 50000 43 teams 207 players
10 LRC #6 $ 1000 7 teams 38 players
11 Winline Insight S3 $ 13017 16 teams 56 players
12 Russian Championship 2023 $ 18747 4 teams 15 players
13 DPC NA 2023 Tour 3 $ 280000 36 teams 166 players
14 DPC CN 2023 Tour 3 $ 280000 35 teams 131 players
15 DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3 $ 280000 53 teams 256 players
16 DPC WEU 2023 Tour 3 $ 280000 38 teams 140 players
17 DPC SEA 2023 Tour 3 $ 280000 49 teams 216 players
18 EPL S9 $ 10000 12 teams 61 players
19 DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 $ 280000 54 teams 246 players
20 1XPLORE LATAM 3 $ 30000 9 teams 42 players

Which Dota 2 Tournament Should You Watch?

Waiting for a Dota 2 tournament can be very exciting, as long as you know what tournaments are out there. However, when you’ve just joined the world of Dota, you’re not up to date with the news, especially when it comes to eSports. This is why the idea of a Dota tournament may seem very weird to you. Well, there are plenty of championship series that will entertain you more than you can imagine, and you get to see some pro teams in action too. Are you ready to watch the best Dota 2 tournaments? Then here are some series you can watch.

Pick the Top Dota 2 Tournament


ESL One is one championship series that is organized for games like Battlefield 4, CS: GO and, of course, Dota 2. For Dota 2, the ESL One series has tournaments all over the world. That allows teams from multiple countries to participate, and many fans from said countries to attend the event at the stadiums. This championship is the successor of ESL Major Series One. Some of the places that hosted the event are Birmingham, Mumbai, Hamburg, and New York. There are many others where the event will take place, though, so it’s best to check the Dota 2 tournament schedule.

Dota 2 Majors

The Dota Major Championships are the most popular tournaments for sure because they contain a series of such gaming events known as Majors. Valve Corporation started this series back in 2015, and it contains some of the best events to look forward to.

These Majors took place in various locations all across the world, some of which were the USA, Philippines, Germany, and Poland. The betting sites always give updates about these events, so it’s best to look out for them.

The International

Out of all Dota 2 Majors, The International is probably the most popular one. The annual tournament, which takes place every year, gathers players and teams from many countries of the world. Millions of people are waiting for it and watching it when it eventually takes place. Undoubtedly, it is a favorite among the upcoming Dota 2 tournaments.


DreamLeague is an event part of the Dota Pro Circuit season, and it usually has big prize pools. These events have 16 teams participating, and they have to deal with the GSL format group stage and the double-elimination playoffs to get through the championship. If you want to see the best teams in action, then you cannot miss this.

Final Thoughts

The Dota 2 premier tournaments have the chance to make your life more fun, especially if you’re looking for some competitive entertainment. Considering the best teams are going to participate, you have a lot to learn by watching these. That said, these tournaments will hopefully be on your watch list.