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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Fury Legendary Aleksandr Svistunov No info No Info No info
2 iRezUmi Sergey Larkin No info No Info No info
3 Safik Павел Сафонов No info No Info No info
4 Rotory Daniil Kochukovskiy No info No Info No info
5 l1nk Vitaliy Nikolaev No info No Info No info
6 7tor Igor Golubtsov No info No Info No info
7 HURMA Dmitriy Geynts No info No Info No info
8 Domentos Domeniks Bunts No info No Info No info
9 CHR1SWAVE - No info No Info No info
10 Jamside Jamal Saydaev No info No Info No info
11 Siberiajkee Dmitry Voronin No info No Info No info
12 Kiryache32 Kirill Grishin No info No Info No info
13 TAPLY Nicholas Chiodoni No info No Info No info
14 Gorilla Myles Cayenne No info No Info No info
15 Shotang Bradley Leo No info No Info No info
16 LeNain David Bois No info No Info No info
17 Scatch Nicholas Scatch No info No Info No info
18 Frosty - No info No Info No info
19 Devious Nick Emerick No info No Info No info
20 Carose Cayden Bradford No info No Info No info

Everything Fortnite Players Should Know Before Entering a Game

The world of Fortnite has a Fortnite players count that exceeds 350 million, with people playing the game in every corner of the world. The number of Fortnite pro players is growing every day, increasing the popularity of the game and making it one of the most played eSports.
With that said, Fortnite has a variety of character and player types that join in their ranks. Before you try to become one of the best Fortnite players out there, you need to learn as much as possible about your peers.

How Do Fortnite Players Enter the Game?

Players can easily join a Fortnite game whenever they want, as the game itself is free of charge. It may be downloaded and installed on a computer, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and many more.
There is no age limit for Fortnite concurrent players, as there are no questions in regard to your age when logging in. That being said, since there is still some mild to moderate violence going on in the game, Fortnite creators recommend that children under the age of 12 should not play the game, lest they may feel disturbed.

Average Fortnite Players

As Fortnite is a game that does not have complicated gameplay, players of all ages can be found on the platform. The average age for Fortnite Pro Players is between 18 and 24 years of age, which more than half the users being from this age category.
Fortnite best players may change every season, depending on the rankings. Among the most famous players right now are Shane Cotton (EpikWhale), Brodie Franks (Rehx), and Diego Palma (Arkhram). These pro Fortnite players made their way to the top by winning numerous tournaments.

Fortnite Player Types

While Fortnite does not assign different roles to the players, the best Fortnite players will create their own strategies and battle style. Here are the most common types of players you will likely come across.

1. Builders

Builders represent the type of players that will create numerous structures using the materials they find. This can include walls to protect themselves or towers to see their enemies better. These players are usually vulnerable while the structure is being built, but untouchable after they are done.

2. Sharpshooters

Sharpshooters rarely build, as they prefer to move around the map to find their enemies. They have great combat skills, but they are often trapped in the defense when they come across builders.

3. Explorers

Unlike builders and sharpshooters, explorers don’t just focus on killing the enemies, but on exploring the map. Their purpose is to tame animals and unlock secrets on the map that could help them win the game.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite players can be found in different skill sets within the game, which is why you will need to determine yours. Once you figure out your style, you’ll be able to work yourself up the rankings.