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Fortnite eSports – All You Need to Know to Get Started

Every gamer or eSport enthusiast has heard of Fortnite at some point – especially the Battle Royal. With millions of players logging in every day, Fortnite as an eSport is growing more popular with each passing year. Whether you are new to Fortnite or have already been at it for a while, you should know exactly what the game has in store for you.

How Fortnite Started

Fortnite was launched sometime in 2017, although its creators (Epic Games) have been developing it ever since 2014, at least. When the game first came out, it wasn’t even called Fortnite; it was called “Save the World.” People were highly enthusiastic about the Fortnite eSports, as it could be played on almost every platform. This included Mac, Xbox, PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, and many more devices you could choose from.
Unlike other games that charged a fee, Fortnite was also completely free of charge. This increased its popularity even more, especially among those who did not have the funds to pay endless fees.
Fortnite is not a complicated game; in fact, its gameplay is very simple. This makes it an attractive option for gamers of all ages – professional or not. Multiplayer rounds are short, an average of 30 minutes, which means it won’t take more time than the average Fortnite player has to give.

How Fortnite Is Played

Fortnite is similar to other games that took on the Battle Royale system. In the rounds, 100 players from all over the world are made to battle against each other on a map that is continuously shrinking. The last player standing will be the winner of the Battle Royale.
Fortnite Primier eSport can be played in a single-player mode, or you may form squads. When you go for single player, you will be fighting against creatures that resemble zombies. Many people prefer this option, as it leads to better Fortnite eSport results and the ability to play the game with their friends.
Once the payer has gained sufficient experience, they may join the Battle Royale. The Battle Bus will take you and the other players to the island where all the action will take place. You may use bricks, metal, and wood to create protective structures, or you may use battle skills to take down your enemies. The battle method of your choice is entirely up to you.

Who Can Play Fortnite?

Fortnite does not have an age verification process, so anyone can technically join the game. That being said, since there is a certain level of violence (albeit a cartoonish one), parental discretion is advised for children under the age of 12. Children may not be stopped from playing Fortnite, but parents should be careful, as certain scenes may be disturbing for a younger player.

Pro Tips for Fortnite Players

If you are planning to play Fortnite, then you may want to know all the tips and tricks. Here are some tips that Fortnite pro players typically follow by fir good results:
• Wait to Jump
You may be tempted to jump from the battle bus from the moment you hear the vehicle honk the time. However, you may want to wait around 3 seconds until you jump off the bus. If you jump at the very start, you will be thrown right into the heart of battle, with players that jumped at the same time as you.
• Finish the Smaller Shield Potions
While playing Fortnite, you will be able to drink shield potions of different strengths (25-50+) to shield yourself from your enemy. However, once you take larger potions, you will not be able to take on any more of the smaller ones. Finish your smaller potions beforehand instead.
• Don’t Hoard Items on Spawn Island
While waiting to be transported on the Battle Bus, you will be waiting on Spawn Island, with likely numerous weapons and materials on the ground. While it’s ok to practice with them, don’t waste your time gathering the items, as they won’t be coming with you on the main island.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite is a very fun game to play, whether you are playing by yourself or if you are playing with your team online. Choose the mode that you like and enjoy a great experience while playing Fortnite!