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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Hyped George Maganzini $ 6600 No Info 3 years ago
2 Thijs Thijs Molendijk No Info No Info 1 month ago
3 Frezzar Bertil Fall No Info No Info 51 years ago
4 Rdu Radu Dima No Info No Info 1 month ago
5 Impact Josh Graham No Info No Info 3 months ago
6 sorengu soren gu No Info No Info 51 years ago
7 macstR Scott McGlashan No Info No Info 51 years ago
8 Lalasong Zi Song Hee No Info No Info 51 years ago
9 Duck stefan van waalwijk No Info No Info 51 years ago
10 Crusadan Stephen Price No Info No Info 51 years ago
11 _Stanley Victor Stanley No Info No Info 51 years ago
12 Ant Anthony Trevino No Info No Info 3 years ago
13 ChanceHS Chance Rebholz No Info No Info 51 years ago
14 tomflr Tom Finlayson No Info No Info 51 years ago
15 Freshca Travis Boyer No Info No Info 51 years ago
16 Fizdarth Kian Keat Gan No Info No Info 51 years ago
17 Schismatron Simon Lindström No Info No Info 51 years ago
18 tom60229 Wei Lin Chen No Info No Info 3 months ago
19 Roger Sheng-yuan Luo No Info No Info 2 years ago
20 pinpingho Kwo-Ping Ho No Info No Info 51 years ago

How to Get Better at Hearthstone and Join Other Amazing Hearthstone Players

All famous Hearthstone players had to climb the ladder from the very bottom to get to the top, where they are now. So, as you can imagine, even pro Hearthstone players were once in a tough spot, having no fame, but striving for it. They worked hard and ensured their dream came true: they became popular in the world of Hearthstone eSports.

Do you want to become one of the best Hearthstone pro players as well? Then you need to know how to do it.

Master Each Deck Slowly

You shouldn’t switch from a deck to another all the time, especially when you’re new to Hearthstone. As much as you want to add some diversity when playing with Hearthstone nearby players, you have to get used to one deck before moving. That said, one of the first things to do before becoming the best Hearthstone player is to learn what one deck can do. Once you stick with it and get to learn it, you can move to the next and repeat the process.

Watch Professional Hearthstone Players

Watching actual pro players going against each other can be very inspirational, but more than that, it can teach you a lot of valuable things. You need to learn how to play properly and how to come up with a strategy in enough time. Even popular players such as Surrender had to start from the bottom, so it will give you a lot of ambition if you watch them use their amazing skills.

That said, you can either watch a big Hearthstone tournament, or just look up some famous players on Twitch, and watch them play. You have nothing to lose – you can just learn.

Understand the Value

Before he was able to earn money from eSports, even the World Champion Pavel “Pavel” Beltiukov had to understand the value game before his success. Whenever you’re using a card, you need to think about whether it’s worth it. Is it going to give you as much value as possible, or not?

Not to mention, you should figure out whether you’re doing right by using a spell during one turn instead of a minion. Was it good enough, or you would have seen better results by using a minion? The same goes for the opposite. You also need to think about whether you are using your removal too early or not. Understanding the value of things will help you make better decisions and thus become a better player, even a pro player in the future.

Final Thoughts

If you practice enough with nearby players Hearthstone, and if you learn everything about the game and master it, you have great potential to be featured on Hearthstone player stats. You might become one of the top ones if you work hard enough, earning as much cash as players like Firebat, DrHippi or Pavel.