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Team Name Earned Rating
1 CHN $ 121125 0.00
2 LF $ 110750 35.63
3 Celestial $ 90200 0.00
4 Complexity $ 90200 0.00
5 RNG $ 77675 213.75
6 LUL $ 75000 0.00
7 PD $ 74500 0.00
8 CZE $ 67400 0.00
9 WE $ 65675 0.00
10 Liquid $ 56050 35.63
11 IG $ 52175 0.00
12 UKR $ 50625 0.00
13 BRA $ 45625 0.00
14 eStar $ 44400 0.00
15 Alliance $ 43000 0.00
16 T1 $ 42751 0.00
17 NZL $ 39000 0.00
18 Luminosity $ 38000 0.00
19 NOR $ 37000 0.00
20 HKG $ 31500 0.00


How to Find Out Which Hearthstone Team to Support

Every Hearthstone team that you encounter has something special. Whether it’s the diversity when it comes to the members or the strategies they use, it’s safe to say that the most successful teams always have something unique going on. Just look at Team Liquid – aside from their successful rosters for other eSports, their Hearthstone one is pretty amazing. While Team Liquid has not been as successful as in the past, the team has shown that it’s able to rise from the ashes.

So, how do you pick Hearthstone teams to support during major events? If you don’t know yet, we will give you a hand.

Look at their Personality

When picking a favorite team, you don’t always have to focus on their playing style. One big factor that is taken into account by people when choosing a favorite team is the personalities of the members. Each one of them is unique in his/her way and seeing the humanity behind the player is always a wonderful thing. It helps you connect with someone you admire differently, possibly relating to them and feeling more motivated to join a good team in the future yourself.

Don’t know how to figure out the personalities of a Hearthstone team’s players? You can always check out some interviews they’ve done or watch their Twitch streams if they are also streamers.

Do They Change Rosters a Lot?

Hearthstone global games teams that are always rotating their rosters can be very annoying. You never get to know the members well and, on top of that, the team’s strategies will always be different. That being said, it makes it difficult to feel any connection towards a team. If you don’t mind rosters that are constantly changing, you won’t have any issue, but keep in mind that you’ll have a harder time keeping up with them and betting on them.

Pay Attention to the Playing Style of the Hearthstone Team

It should go without saying that the playing style of the teams is what ultimately gives them their popularity. Each team has its unique style and its unique way of coming up with strategies to take over the opponents. There is no particular style that’s better compared to another – it all depends on what you prefer as a fan and as a viewer. Therefore, look at the way your favorite team is operating in matches, and you’ll know they are worth your support.

Final Thoughts

Team Liquid, Virtus Pro, Team Dignitas, and Complexity Gaming are all eSports teams that gain a lot of success in Hearthstone events. Depending on what you prefer to see from a team, one of them may be your favorite. If not, then there are surely other teams that match your requirements – all it takes is watching them and seeing their performance and personalities. In the end, you will know which Hearthstone team league to support.