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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-12-15 World Championship 2023 $ 350000
2023-11-01 Masters 2023 Fall $ 50000
2023-10-15 LL 2023 Fall $ 50000
2023-09-01 Masters 2023 Summer $ 50000
2023-07-15 LL 2023 Summer $ 50000
2023-05-27 LL 2023 Spring $ 50000
2023-04-22 Masters 2023 Spring $ 50000

Hearthstone eSports Guide for Beginners

The world of professional gaming is wide, and you can only become part of it if you work hard enough. In Hearthstone eSports, only the most dedicated players succeed in becoming the people that make their fans proud. Although it may not have as much of a big scene as Dota 2, CS: GO or League of Legends have, it is constantly increasing and becoming bigger. You want to be there for it if you want to make your name known in electronic sports.

One of the first steps is getting to know the game. You can’t get into the eSports industry without having what it takes to become a pro player. As such, this article will teach you about the card game.

How Do You Play Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is not such a difficult game to play once you know the basics. It is a game available for PC, but it is also accessible with iOS and Android. The game includes a lot of spells that you can use to beat your enemies and minions. The cards feature heroes that you might have seen before if you play World of Warcraft.

After you download the eSports Hearthstone, you need to get to learn and understand the gameplay. It will be a little challenging at first, but what game isn’t challenging until you learn how it works?

In this game, your goal is to reduce the enemy’s health to zero, because that’s how you beat him. You will get to see the board of the game, with two opposite sides where each character is going to sit. There will be a blood shaped symbol at the bottom of each player’s portrait, and it shows how much health he/she has left.

Now, to be able to take over the opponent in the Hearthstone eSport, you have to play cards. There are different types of cards, and you can use either a spell card or a minion card. Keep in mind that these cards are going to cost you gold. You need to learn how to read these cards and understand how they work, and it is only then that you can use them against your opponent.

When you start the game, each player is going to have 30 cards. You will start with three random cards out on your deck. Bear in mind – your cards can be made by you, or you can have them pre-constructed. One of you will start first and will be chosen at random. If you are the one to go second, then you are going to receive a “coin” and another card. The coin can get you some more mana for a certain turn.

While you turn, the opponent has to wait. When you’re done, you have to click the middle right button, and then the opponent can do his move. You play like this, using spells and minions until one of you eventually loses.

How to Become Known in Hearthstone eSports?

You can join the eSports industry by becoming a good professional eSports player. Of course, this won’t be easy. Those who got to the top had to spend a lot of time working on their gaming skills.

That being said, before you enter your first professional eSport competition, you have to learn everything about the game, and also know how to play properly. This game requires a good strategy that can be made only by someone who has a vast knowledge about the game, and who spends time practicing. That being said, if you want to be recognized by an eSport organization, you have to work hard to improve your skills.

Final Thoughts

Getting into an eSports competition as a pro player is possible when it comes to Hearthstone, but only if you have what it takes. As long as you spend a significant amount of time learning about it and polishing your strategy making skills, you shouldn’t encounter any issue becoming a famous electronic sports player. You can also learn by watching other famous players, so make sure to check the Hearthstone eSports schedule and learn from the best.