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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Knight Zhuo Ding $ 389162 555 9 hours ago
2 Kanavi Seo Jin-hyeok $ 303786 552 9 hours ago
3 Peanut Han Wang-ho $ 658340 550 1 day ago
4 369 Bai Jia-hao $ 411517 540 9 hours ago
5 Doran Choi Hyeon-joon $ 201406 526 1 day ago
6 Scout Lee Ye-chan $ 535626 509 2 days ago
7 RooKie Song Eui-jin $ 725451 493 1 day ago
8 Ale Hu Jia-le $ 49750 490 9 hours ago
9 Invincible Li Xiao-bing $ 16866 488 1 day ago
10 FoFo Chu Chun-lan $ 54519 487 9 hours ago
11 Zeus Choi Woo-je $ 183140 486 1 day ago
12 Ruler Park Jae-hyuk $ 864572 486 9 hours ago
13 Zdz Zhu De-zhang $ 5827 476 1 day ago
14 JieJie Zhao Li-jie $ 233519 472 9 hours ago
15 Kiin Kim Gi-in $ 99528 471 1 day ago
16 Oner Moon Hyeon-joon $ 235867 470 1 day ago
17 Xiaohu Li Yuanhao $ 780662 470 2 days ago
18 TheShy Kang Seung-lok $ 675393 469 2 days ago
19 Leyan Lu Jue $ 78141 468 2 days ago
20 UcaL Son Woo-hyeon $ 85379 464 1 day ago

What Makes League of Legends Players so Popular

It’s not that surprising that we see new League of Legends players appearing every day. With an amazing game such as League of Legends, things can only go upwards. Many players have the dedication that it takes to become popular, and so they manage to become the best League of Legends players. But despite having a long list of top League of Legends players to support, you can only do it with a few. How do you choose an LoL player to support? Here are some of the things that make a top League of Legends player famous.

What Traits Put an LoL Player on Top?

There are several traits that will make someone the best League of Legends player. Of course, one may not possess all of these traits combined, but one or a few of them will always be present.

Hard work and Determination

It’s not such a big surprise that determination and hard work are two traits that will make someone become a loved League of Legends player. After all, these push a player to his absolute best, giving him an amazing performance that could bring him a lot of winnings in tournaments, as well as prize money. Furthermore, determination and hard work are just simply admirable, because many other people would just give up.


Of course, you cannot deny the influence the number of winnings of a player has on his/her fame, and the love the player gets from fans. At the end of the day, it is one of the delights of being a great LoL professional player. Not everyone who strives to be the best actually manages to get to this point, which is why this is so important.


The way someone acts towards other people speaks volumes about what kind of person they are. It’s hard to like someone with bad behavior. This is why League of Legends top players with amazing personalities get the most love. The way they treat fans and their teammates just shows that they are great people, something worth supporting.

Who Are the Most Popular League of Legends Players?

The world has many amazing LoL players, but not all of them are that popular. The spots for the most popular ones have been taken by players such as Faker, who used to be a very loved mid laner for SK Telecom T1. Jankos is another example of an amazing player, and he’s part of the team G2. His aggressive playstyle as jungler is what makes him so unique. Another famous player is Smeb, who used to be very bad in the past, but worked hard and improved, being able to win MVP titles later on.

Final Thoughts

It’s usually the same LoL players featured on League of Legends player rankings, but you have to know what to look at when choosing your favorite. Hopefully, this article was of help.