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Team Name Earned Rating
1 JDG $ 340898 420.00
2 BLG $ 254709 252.00
3 T1 $ 107047 192.00
4 GEN $ 179094 150.00
5 C9 $ 120000 94.50
6 G2 $ 67957 94.50
7 MAD $ 85251 40.50
8 GGS $ 65000 40.50
9 R7 $ 37500 0.50
10 LLL $ 30922 0.50
11 PSG $ 42500 0.50
12 GAM $ 22023 0.50
13 DFM $ 79724 0.50
14 NOVO No Info 0.00
15 FL.A No Info 0.00
16 AMA No Info 0.00
17 PEG No Info 0.00
18 ⁠FC No Info 0.00
19 EF No Info 0.00
20 SAU No Info 0.00


Tournament Date
LCK Academy 2023 Summer 2023-10-21
Worlds 2023 2023-10-10
Asian Games 2022 2023-09-23
LEC 2023 Finals 2023-08-19
MNT 2023 2023-08-01
LCS 2023 Championship 2023-07-27
EMEA Masters 2023 Summer 2023-07-01
AL 2nd Division Summer 2023 2023-07-01
NLC 2nd Div 2023 Summer 2023-07-01
LJL 2023 Academy 2023-06-21

How Pro League of Legends Teams Got Successful

If you’re usually very active in the League of Legends area, then you’ve surely seen some of the best League of Legends teams showing off their skills. For many times, probably, you must have been thinking of how these top League of Legends teams managed to get so big. Because, after all, many other people strive to get there, but don’t have the success. How do big teams such as Fnatic, Team Liquid, G2 and SK Telecom T1 gain their success? You will find out below.

The Secrets Behind the LoL Success of Big Teams

Every League of Legends team has a story, and each one of them went through a lot to be able to be the successful eSports sensation that they are today. It’s nice to keep an eye on your favorite teams, but what’s even better is knowing what helped them get their success as well.

Well, there are a few things that the teams did in order to be able to become so successful and loved. First of all, they increased their knowledge. To be more specific, they got as much knowledge as they could about League of Legends. This helped them know enough about the game to be able to play it properly. Everything about its heroes, as well as about the mechanics, has been studied properly and the teams were, this way, able to assimilate enough to let them play to the best of their power.

Another thing that helped them become the best League of Legends pro teams was the amount of time they practiced. Practice is important in fleshing out your skills and making sure you master the game, and that’s what each famous team did.

In addition, their determination to become the best League of Legends teams helped them get where they are as well. They knew what they wanted, and they worked hard for it. As such, their determination and hard work paid off and brought a lot of success.

What Are Some Successful League of Legends Teams?

Many LoL teams are successful. But at the same time, some managed to make their name more known compared to others. In League of Legends team rankings, you will certainly see their names featured a lot.

One of these is Team Liquid, a team that knows how to make use of its weapons. It has a very good position globally as a team, and it managed to be 1st in many tournaments.

G2 eSports is also one of the best teams in League of Legends, having won a lot of matches in tournaments, and a lot of money as a result.

SK Telecom T1 is considered the best League of Legends team by a lot of people as it has won over 216 games. Not many others succeed in doing so.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how other eSports teams become successful will not only make you respect them more but could help you become successful yourself. You need to work hard, and you may make it to the teams ranking as well.