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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 LCK Academy 2023 Summer $ 10017 10 teams No info
2 Worlds 2023 No info No info No info
3 Asian Games 2022 No info 21 teams No info
4 LEC 2023 Finals $ 171819 2 teams No info
5 EMEA Masters 2023 Summer $ 164466 No info No info
6 MNT 2023 No info 22 teams No info
7 LCS 2023 Championship No info No info No info
8 AL 2nd Division Summer 2023 No info 4 teams No info
9 NLC 2nd Div 2023 Summer No info 9 teams No info
10 LJL 2023 Academy No info 8 teams No info
11 VCS 2023 Summer $ 51108 8 teams No info
12 LEC 2023 Summer No info 10 teams No info
13 LCS 2023 Summer No info 10 teams No info
14 TCL 2023 Summer $ 22255 8 teams No info
15 PG Proving 2023 Summer No info 7 teams No info
16 AL 2023 Summer No info 8 teams No info
17 LPLOL 2 Div 2023 Summer No info 8 teams No info
18 CBLOL Academy 2023 S2 $ 25164 10 teams No info
19 SLY LAN $ 10760 No info No info
20 CBLOL 2023 S2 $ 100656 10 teams 50 players

Reasons Why You Should Watch a League of Legends Tournament

Many people are looking for a great League of Legends tournament to follow when it takes place. And the good thing is that there are plenty of such events to look forward to annually. But why would one watch League of Legends tournaments in the first place? Some of the most popular championships like LEC or LCS have millions of fans waiting to watch them. Why is that?

If you wonder what you could gain from watching an LoL tournament, here are a few reasons.

Why Watch a League of Legends Tournament?

Someone who hasn’t watched online League of Legends tournaments before may have no idea whatsoever what watching an event like this could give them. But if you’re someone who loves eSports, you will love watching no matter what.

In general, people watch League of Legends online tournaments because of how fun they are. It’s only in such a championship series that you get to see some of the best teams in the world participating. These teams clash in an attempt to win the tournament. The prize pools and the title they get at the end are what keeps them motivated and make them give it their best. That being said, you will surely not get bored to see the players going at each other.

Aside from that, you should also watch LoL tournaments to bet. If you’d like to win some cash by doing something that you love, respectively watching the tournaments, you can do so by gambling. There are a lot of websites made specifically for betting, so you would have a great time doing it. And who knows, you might win a lot of money too.

Another reason to follow a championship like this is to learn how to get better at LoL yourself. Of course, you might be able to get far by yourself, but in the end, watching a pro doing his thing will be a huge inspiration for you too. Don’t underestimate the way it can influence you.

What Tournaments Can You Watch?

There are many tournaments that you can watch. An important LoL tournament is LCS. This is basically a league, where 10 teams will play in a double round-robin format. So, there will be 9 weeks of the regular season where teams will go against each other in Bo1 matches. They will play twice against every other lineup.

LEC is another league that you can be watching. It is similar to LCS in format, so you will be able to follow it smoothly for the most part.

Final Thoughts

You can watch League of Legends daily tournaments or just any type of tournament that you stumble upon for this game. You just need to be aware of how nice it can be to watch one, and how much it could help you. In the end, you’ll have a great time watching them either way.