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Team Name Earned Rating
1 DOOM No Info 0.00
2 ISG No Info 0.00
3 Ouyue No Info 0.00
4 NGU-K No Info 0.00
5 BLT No Info 0.00
6 SWMG No Info 0.00
7 DUD No Info 0.00
8 QCC91 No Info 0.00
9 HMFC No Info 0.00
10 TAD No Info 0.00
11 Duck No Info 0.00
12 ODH No Info 0.00
13 4EF No Info 0.00
14 c0pe No Info 0.00
15 TMK No Info 0.00
16 KK No Info 0.00
17 FM No Info 0.00
18 MS No Info 0.00
19 PS No Info 0.00
20 HC No Info 0.00


Tournament Date
OWC 2023 S2 2023-05-22
OWCC 2023 2023-04-15
OWC 2023 S1 2023-03-22
OWL 2023 2023-03-06
ESET RS 2022-12-27
OLB 2022-12-16
CAHCC 2022-12-12
OCH 2022 2022-12-03
SEL 2022 S2 2022-12-01
OWC 2022 S2 2022-10-19

How to Pick Your Favorite Overwatch Teams

If you spend enough time in Overwatch, you will see that there is a number of Overwatch teams that have their names featured everywhere. They are popular, and people just love them. They can be considered the top Overwatch teams. However, unless you’re actually watching the progress of eSports teams, it’s not easy to know why they are the best Overwatch teams, and it’s even harder to pick a favorite. So how can you choose which team to support?

In this article, you will learn what to pay attention to when selecting your favorite Overwatch team.

What to Pay Attention to?

A lot of Overwatch pro teams will possess a series of traits and skills that make them the unique teams that they are. That being said, you need to know the aspects to take into consideration when analyzing the teams.


You probably think that it doesn’t matter, but in reality, it does. Knowing how many winnings a team has will immediately change your opinion about it, whether into a positive or negative one. The more winnings a team has, the more potential it has to become your favorite because it means the team is hardworking and talented.

You can research Overwatch teams names and look at which one is the best Overwatch team based on winnings. It could become your new favorite.

Playing Style

Not every Overwatch eSports team plays the same. In fact, each one of them will have something unique, which is usually reflected in their playing style. Some teams are more aggressive and focus on dominating their enemies in Overwatch, while others prefer to spend more time thinking of a strategy before attacking. Depending on which one keeps you more at the edge of your seat, pick a favorite team that uses one of these styles, or another one.


The players of the Overwatch eSports teams will all have their own unique personalities, which will make the events they participate in more entertaining. That being said, you need to pay attention to this and see which team you appreciate more in this regard. How do they behave with each other? Are they united or not? Don’t overlook this.

The Best Overwatch Teams

 There are many teams that make it to Overwatch team rankings. So, one or more of these could become your favorite. For instance, New York Excelsior is one of the teams with a lot of stars in its roster. Seoul Dynasty is also an Overwatch team name worth supporting, even if their performance went a little downhill ever since Ryujehong moved to the tank role. Shanghai Dragons is worth supporting as well if you want to see them thriving in the future.

Final Thoughts

There are many eSports teams in Overwatch that could become your favorite, but only one can steal your heart for real. Use this article’s information to find it.