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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 MGA Community Overwatch Series #20 $ 840 8 teams No Info
2 MGA Community Overwatch Series #19 $ 840 8 teams No Info
3 Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 3 $ 166800 16 teams No Info
4 MGA Community Overwatch Series #18 $ 840 8 teams No Info
5 Cheez-It Grooves College Esports Invitational $ 13500 34 teams No Info
6 Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2 $ 566800 40 teams No Info
7 MGA Community Overwatch Series #17 $ 840 8 teams No Info
8 Aurora Cup Semi-pro Challenge 2021 $ 3418 16 teams No Info
9 NetEase Esports X Tournament 2021 Spring $ 15527 6 teams No Info
10 MGA Community Overwatch Series #16 $ 840 8 teams No Info
11 School Tournament 2021 Season 2 $ 1795 8 teams No Info
12 Overwatch League 2021 $ 4250000 20 teams No Info
13 MGA Community Overwatch Series #15 $ 840 8 teams No Info
14 Borbon Open Season Zero $ 762 12 teams No Info
15 Mayhem Spring Classic - 2021 $ 5000 8 teams No Info
16 ASUES Open Tournament $ 630 10 teams No Info
17 Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 1 $ 566800 40 teams No Info
18 SteelSeries Invitational $ 10000 4 teams No Info
19 MGA Community Overwatch Series #14 $ 840 8 teams No Info
20 Open Division 2021 Season 1 $ 4000 40 teams No Info

The Best Overwatch Tournaments to Watch

Overwatch tournaments are increasing in number all the time, mostly because Overwatch is also growing in popularity when it comes to gaming. If you are interested in this game, then it only makes sense you want to know the biggest eSports tournaments that focus on Overwatch. After all, how can you support your favorite team in an Overwatch tournament if you don’t even know any world championship to begin with? How can you know which Overwatch online tournaments are actually worth your time? Here are some of the series you can watch.

Top Overwatch Tournaments to Check Out

Overwatch Team Story

This is one of the online Overwatch tournaments that could give you a wonderful time, especially if you love Chinese eSports. This tournament is great in this regard because it will have 16 teams from Asia going against each other trying to win the prize pool and the big trophy.

The teams are mostly Chinese ones, although you can also expect a lot of teams from Korea participating. It’s very entertaining, and who knows, you may even find out about some new, amazing Asian teams to support.

Overwatch World Cup

When it comes to Overwatch pro tournaments, Overwatch World Cup has to be on the list. It is one of the biggest for sure. In this Overwatch eSports tournament, there are 24 countries that will send their best teams for this tournament. Blizzard Entertainment is the one selecting the teams based on the average skill rating of the best players. Afterward, you will be able to watch these teams going at each other in the Overwatch global offensive tournament, after the number of teams is split in two. The winners will go forward to the playoffs.

Another great thing about this event is that fans will get to pick the community lead and coach for their country’s team. Isn’t this amazing? If you are a fan from a certain country, you have the chance to pick for your team too.

Overwatch Contenders

If you check the eSports tournaments schedule, you will notice that Overwatch contenders is on the list too. It’s spread over multiple competitive regions, such as North America, China, Korea, and Europe. You will have the chance to watch a lot of skilled players, which is great.

Overwatch League

You must have heard of the Overwatch League, especially if you aren’t new to this game. This tournament is supported by Blizzard Entertainment, and it usually has a prize of $5,000,000 USD. There will be 20 city-based franchises that will take place over 28 weeks, and it can be one of the most entertaining things to watch, so don’t miss out.

Final Thoughts

You may be looking for Overwatch console tournaments, and you certainly have a number to pick from. That being said, you can find a lot of PS4 Overwatch tournaments and more, and you can gamble and possibly win some cash if your favorite team wins. You will make sure you have a wonderful time so check the schedule and prepare for these championships.