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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-05-22 OWC 2023 S2
2023-04-15 OWCC 2023 $ 75000
2023-03-22 OWC 2023 S1 $ 281300
2023-03-06 OWL 2023
2022-12-27 ESET RS
2022-12-16 OLB $ 15200
2022-12-12 CAHCC $ 25000

The World of Overwatch ESports

Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch eSports maybe wasn’t expected to become such a popular game when it first saw the light of the day. After being in development for years, the game was released in 2016, and ever since, people fell in love with the video game and the heroes you can play as.

If you haven’t tried Overwatch yet, then you probably don’t know a lot about this first-person shooter. Although you can learn while playing, it’s still always better to have some information before getting into a shooter game. That being said, in this post, you are going to learn something about Overwatch, and also about how important it is in electronic sports.

Story of the Game and How to Play

The professional eSports game has a beautiful story behind it. The action in the game pretty much takes place in the future, respectively in the 2070s, where humanity is more evolved than it currently is. Due to the Omnic Crisis, robots turned against humans. As a result, an elite team was formed, and they managed to end the war. That’s what started Overwatch.

Overwatch was pretty much a force, formed of strong members that were working hard to maintain global stability. They did so for two decades, and then they split apart due to corruption. But the world started to have new troubles, and there’s a huge need for heroes.

You will usually find out all this stuff about the Overwatch eSport and story through comics, cinematic shots and anything of the sort. If you interact with other characters on different maps, there will also be other details revealed as time goes by.

It’s not difficult to figure out the way the eSports Overwatch is played. Basically, there will be two teams, each of them being of sic players. The teams, as you can imagine, will go against each other. You will have to choose between 20 maps and 26 heroes, but there may be more added in the future. In addition, there are five modes you can choose from, respectively Custom Games, vs. AI, Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Weekly Brawl.

Who Are the Heroes of Overwatch eSports?

As mentioned earlier, this PC game has a lot of heroes, respectively 26. But out of all, a few heroes have managed to gain more popularity. For example, one popular choice is Hanzo, who is an archer. With him, you have to aim carefully all the time. Another hero who is the face of the game is D.Va, who is a Korean professional gamer. She is usually piloting a giant robot suit with her trigger fingers. Mercy is another popular choice, for players who want to rather play as support.

Overwatch in eSports

Although in the beginning it wasn’t created with the intention of becoming one of the biggest electronic sports, it succeeded in doing so. Nowadays, the eSports industry places Overwatch on a pedestal, along with other eSports. As a result, there is always a professional eSport competition to look forward to when it comes to Overwatch.

The Overwatch League is one such example. The first season took place in 2018. There were professional eSports teams participating, trying to win a big part of the prize pool which was US$3.5 million. With the game’s fan base expanding, you can expect to see more events and teams emerging over the years, and it’s pretty exciting to see this.

For example, Overwatch saw a lot of growth as an eSport in South Korea, and it even surpassed the player count of League of Legends.

Final Thoughts

With such a nice concept, story and gameplay, it’s not a surprise that the game became so loved by eSports fans all over the world. The good news is, it will keep growing and becoming even more popular, especially with the addition of new maps and heroes. That being said, you just need to keep an eye on Overwatch eSports news, and you will be up to date with the newest game additions, and upcoming tournaments, and what any eSport organization has in mind for Overwatch.