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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 NN No Info $ 10891 626 1 year ago
2 Tanki995 Zhong Xinke $ 199643 569 1 year ago
3 yyxovo No Info $ 12200 551 1 year ago
4 Myl Ma Yunlong $ 42082 540 1 year ago
5 LingDuuuuuu Gu Lei $ 199643 537 1 year ago
6 EviLLee Li Ji Xin $ 198565 521 1 year ago
7 GODV Wei Zhen $ 219881 502 1 year ago
8 Mamu Yang Yang $ 42064 494 1 year ago
9 EJ Lee Jung-woo $ 51707 489 1 year ago
10 911x No Info $ 42809 484 1 year ago
11 9 No Info $ 145276 483 1 year ago
12 MMing No Info $ 22124 481 1 year ago
13 Jiaoyang Li Bohang $ 183360 466 1 year ago
14 Xbei No Info $ 42404 465 1 year ago
15 Lanren Xiao Tianpeng $ 28467 449 1 year ago
16 Hansia Han Sia $ 49644 448 1 year ago
17 Nannnnn No Info $ 17882 431 1 year ago
18 Adder Jeong Ji-hun $ 58373 425 1 year ago
19 SuJiu No Info $ 35034 417 1 year ago
20 Aixleft No Info $ 21021 415 1 year ago

PUBG Players – Top Roles Players Have to Take

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is an Xbox game that has continued to evolve since 2017, ever since it came out. In the beginning, none of the PUBG players had any role; the goal was to stay on the map for as long as possible and just to survive. However, as the years passed, it was no wonder that those players would develop specific functions. They would become top PUBG players, each with their role to handle.

PUBG Player Roles

PUBG player roles were created to benefit a squad. Some roles may be assigned based on the skill set and what they are best at. Other times, it may be given to the concurrent simply for the tournament. Here is a list of the roles that pro PUBG players are often assigned:

1. The Leader

As it might suggest, the person playing the leader is the one guiding everyone into battle. They have been playing the PUBG world for some time, and they often spend more time strategizing, creating a schedule, and looking at the map than actually shooting down enemies. These guys are usually ranked among the best PUBG players, as they are the best strategists and can survive the longest.

2. The Sniper

Snipers also have a self-explanatory name: they need to lock on their targets from a distance and effectively terminate the enemy in one shit. Snipers need to know how to hide and how to aim a rifle. A pro sniper can effectively terminate a game, as they can take the enemies down one by one without even engaging in battle.

3. The Fragger

Unlike snipers that are long-distance players, fraggers are the close-combat type – the “spearhead” of the team, so to speak. Fraggers are the first to enter buildings and engage in battle. As this role involves the most action, it’s the most requested one amongst PUBG top players.

4. The Support

Support players, like the name suggests, are there to support the other players. They have their own guns and ammo, but unless it is necessary to protect their lives, they will not engage in battle.

Instead, they will carry extra ammo and medicine for the fraggers, snipers, and the leader, supporting them from the backlines. Support players are also there to launch the grenades at strategic points or to flank the fraggers when buildings are being raided.

How Many PUBG Players Are There?

There are more than 30 million users actively playing UBG. Ever since the game changed to a free-to-play system, the number of new players has been increasing steadily. As eSports players no longer have to make any payments, becoming a pro is also easier than ever.

The Bottom Line

Each PUBC player is essential for the good course of the game. You just need to determine what your skills are, so that you may fit in.