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Team Name Earned Rating
1 VP $ 396591 0.00
2 TSM $ 292923 0.00
3 NH $ 270217 0.32
4 TL $ 174021 0.00
5 QM $ 141000 192.00
6 17 $ 116463 560.00
7 KPI $ 110405 0.00
8 OATH $ 106959 0.00
9 FURY $ 106551 0.00
10 UK $ 100322 0.00
11 Entus $ 98493 0.00
12 Tian $ 95853 0.32
13 SSG $ 88668 0.00
14 GE $ 85025 0.00
15 DAY $ 83969 128.00
16 SQ $ 74000 0.32
17 KX $ 71215 0.00
18 DIG $ 66459 0.00
19 MCG $ 64822 0.00
20 BRA $ 58000 0.00


Tournament Date
PML 2023 P1 2023-03-11
PJC 2023 P1 2023-03-03
PWS 2023 KR P1 2023-03-03
BSC S8 2023-02-25
PLS 2023 S1 2023-02-13
PJCS 2023 P1 2023-02-11
PTS 2023 P1 2023-02-07
PJC 2022 Final 2022-12-16
YPD 2022-12-16
PLT APAC 2022-12-12

PUBG Teams Guide – How to Become a Team Player

Like any Battle Royale game, PUBG is also frequently played as a team. By joining a team eSport PUBG, you may join forces with other people with different skills, allowing you to survive the battlefield for a longer time. That being said, to form the best eSports team, you must learn how to be a team player. This guide should be able to prove helpful.

Playing Modes

When you are playing PUBG, you have the option to play in four modes: solo mode, duo mode, squad mode, and 1-man squad mode. When you play solo, you are simply playing alone, without being part of any eSport teams. In the 1-man squad mode, you are still playing solo – but this time, you can compete against other PUBG eSport teams.
Duos allow you to play as a team of two, which is a good option for friends that want to play some casual PUBG.

Lastly, you can also create teams of up to 4 people, which is often recommended if you wish to go into the pro league. You usually cannot enter or even survive the grand finals unless you have a bigger team backing you. To increase your popularity, you may want to use a catchy team name.

Tips for Team Playing

When you are playing with a team, you need to think deeper than the eSports team name. You need to figure out your game plan at a strategic level. Here are a couple of tips for you.

1. Have the Same Plan

When you are playing with a team eSport PUBG, all of you must have the same plan. Some like to get the game over with as soon as possible, while others like to take a more strategic route and watch the endgame. The best eSport team will have a set game plan so that no one ends up wandering, rushing, or needlessly exposing themselves.

2. Ensure Communication

Top teams will need to ensure that every angle is secure at every point. However, for that to happen, you will have to ensure communication. If you notice any activity around you, make sure that you notify your eSport team PUBG. A game compass can help you pinpoint the location. The only way you and your team will ever make the league is if your teammates can see the danger before it takes them by surprise.

3. Learn for Your Teammates

If you die early in the game, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give up. Trust your teammates; maybe they will still be able to turn the game around. In the meantime, you can watch the gameplay and learn from them. Don’t just rant because this will only distract your teammates.

The Bottom Line

Being part of PUBG teams can bring big gains in a tournament. For this, it’s important to have a solid plan, as strategy is an essential part of the victory.