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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 PASC 2023 Winter $ 100000 No info No info
2 PGS 2023 P2 $ 2000000 8 teams No info
3 PCL 2023 Summer No info 29 teams 75 players
4 PJC 2023 P2 $ 37185 No info No info
5 PWS 2023 KR P2 $ 77247 12 teams No info
6 PGS 2023 P2 APAC No info 79 teams 209 players
7 PGS 2023 P2 EMEA No info 10 teams No info
8 PGS 2023 P2 KR No info 16 teams No info
9 PGS 2023 P2 AM No info No info No info
10 PGS 2023 P2 CN No info 24 teams No info
11 PJCS 2023 P1 #1 No info 16 teams 65 players
12 PLS 2023 S2 $ 2268 44 teams 160 players
13 The Rotation $ 6000 31 teams 113 players
14 PASC 2023 Summer $ 100000 27 teams 107 players
15 LPT 2023 TAEGO $ 3000 16 teams 73 players
16 PGS 2023 P1 $ 500000 24 teams 100 players
17 PAS $ 8120 16 teams 66 players
18 PAS 2023 P1 $ 103000 38 teams 132 players
19 PEC Spring $ 96050 24 teams 98 players
20 PVS 2023 Spring $ 16840 27 teams 130 players

PUBG Tournament Guide – How to Join the League

PUBG is a Battle Royale game that allows players to enter matches whenever they want to blow off some steam. However, now and again, you can enter PUBG tournaments where you can get access to a decent prize pool. Some teams can win money, others gear – but all of them will increase your experience. If you want to enter eSports tournaments PUBG, this article should serve as your guide.

How to Join a Tournament

Joining tournaments PUBG is very easy to do. All you have to do is go to the page where the eSports tournaments are announced and select the tournament that you want. Once you are on the page with the tournament overview, click on “Join Tournament,” and then get started. You can join either with a party or with a team.

Types of Tournaments

If you have a team and want to earn some prize money, then you should know that there are multiple PUBG online tournaments for you to go for. Some are more private and invitational, and others are meant for the general public. You just need to determine which one you should go for.

1. Streamer Tournaments

Sometimes, streamers may organize a small tournament where the team with the best results will get a small prize. As these tournaments are not that high-class, they are mainly casual and not that competitive. With that said, they are still good for your confidence and can help you gain some experience.

2. Daily Regional Tournaments

If you want to win a little bit of prize money every day, then you may want to join the daily regional tournaments with your team. The tournaments themselves are relatively small, but they are good for practice, which is why pro teams often join as well.

3. Regional Championships

If you want to take the game a step higher, you may want to join the regional championship. Often, to enter the finals, you will first need to pass a qualifying match and then play some other matches as well. The competition is strong, but the prize pool is also decent.

4. International Tournaments

Pro players may also be interested in international tournaments such as the PGI. In these tournaments, the PUBG Corporation itself is the organizer, which means that the rank also goes much higher. The prize pool is very generous, and the prestige is also high. If you manage to pass through the first qualifiers as a no-name, you will already be able to create a name for yourself.

The Bottom Line

PUBG tournaments create a great opportunity for the players, regardless of their skill level. Whether you are a beginner looking to work on your skills or a pro player wanting to get a share of the prize pool, PUBG tournaments can prove very effective as well as entertaining.