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Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-11-01 PASC 2023 Winter $ 100000
2023-10-01 PCL 2023 Summer
2023-10-01 PGS 2023 P2 $ 2000000
2023-09-01 PJC 2023 P2 $ 37185
2023-08-28 PWS 2023 KR P2 $ 77247
2023-06-30 PGS 2023 P2 APAC
2023-06-29 PGS 2023 P2 EMEA

Beginner’s Guide to PUBG eSports – How to Become a Survivor

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (in short, PUBG) has been making quite the wave lately. The Battle Royale type of game has been very popular amongst shooter fans since it was released in 2017, bringing the “survival of the fittest” gaming mode to the next level.

With that in mind, if this is your first time trying to play PUBG, you may not exactly know what to expect of the virtual game – or how to even play it in the first place. If you are interested in PUBG eSports, read our guide to get yourself started:

How Do You Play PUBG?

PUBG can be played in solos, duos, or squads – and like other Battle Royale games, you are put against other people, each of them trying to win the battle. The game features 100 people per round, each of them battling on the map in their attempts to gain victory.

The map is sectioned almost like every other Battle Royale. Whether you are playing a random game or entering the PUBG international eSport tournament, you will need to go through the Red Zone, Safe Zone, and zapping zone. All the zones are marked by a colored line, and as time passes, the area constricts. This will bring the people into a smaller play area as the clock continues to tick.

Tips for Playing PUBG

In order to reach the top of the game, you not only need to have a better strategy than other players, but you also need to be knowledgeable and intuitive. Here are a couple of tips that can take your gaming session up to another level.

1. Know Where to Drop

The game starts with 100 players taking on random spots from the map and parachuting off a plan. Deciding where you drop is key, as the pot will decide whether you’ll last 30 minutes or die within the first 30 seconds. You should either go for military points or cities where you can find the best gear, or you can go father off the pat in remote areas and scavenge for gear. Try not to go where everyone is going at first because you risk dying right away.

2. Understand Your Goal

In order to win, you need to need what it is that you are supposed to do. In PUBG, your goal is to survive. You can do that either by camping or fighting the people coming your way. Bear in mind that each season may have different objectives, so you may want to follow the PUBG eSport news to see if there are any specific goals.

3. Keep to the Safe Zone

As we mentioned, this eSport is all about survival – which means that the Safe Zone is your best bet. When you are caught in other zones, your health will begin to drain much faster. Plus, the other zones are packed with artillery, and your risk of dying there will be very likely. The Safe Zone gradually shrinks, so you’ll want to grab your “spot” early.

4. Team Up with Others

Playing by yourself is good sometimes, as it helps you increase your skillset without dragging anyone down. However, if you want to increase your PUBG eSport rank and become one of the majors, you need to learn how to be a team player. Plus, by being part of a team, not only can you share resources, but you can also revive each other. This increases your chances of survival.

5. Pick Your Battles

You don’t reach the international tournaments by simply fighting whoever is shooting at you. You get there by picking your battles. For instance, if you hear someone shooting at you from a distance, it’s better to run than to go and pick a fight. Similarly, unless someone is a direct danger, shooting someone from afar should not be a priority. If you do that, you may reveal your location, therefore decreasing your chances of survival.

The Bottom Line

PUBG is a game of great potential; you just need to learn how to play it. With practice, you can get the rules down and you can survive for as long as it takes to reach the higher ranks.