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Recent Player Earnings

Recent Tournaments

Date Event Prize Pool
2023-11-01 Major USA 2023 $ 750000
2023-07-13 Gamers8 2023 $ 2000000
2023-05-11 GWB 2023 $ 2500000
2023-05-10 MNEB S5 $ 8720
2023-04-24 Major Copenhagen 2023 $ 750000
2023-04-14 AL 2023 $ 290000
2023-04-09 GA 2023 $ 5459

Beginner’s Guide to Rainbow Six Esports

Despite having a lot of competition, Rainbow Six Siege gained a lot of traction quickly. Even though critics had some things to say about it in the beginning, opinions shifted as the game got multiple updates and became its best version.

The multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game has a very large community. Some of the players are just people who play casually, while others went the extra mile and became professionals.

Joining the eSports scene may be the best decision of your life, but it also comes with a lot of challenges. To be successful, you must know the Rainbow Six eSport rules and, more importantly, you must properly understand the game and be able to play it.

That being said, let’s look at Rainbow Six Siege in more detail so you can get started on your new mission.

Rainbow Six Siege – What Is It?

Rainbow Six Siege is a game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft which was released in 2015. This release is one of the various Rainbow Six games. It’s a tactical first-person shooter, and the type of game to keep one hooked for hours.

Over the years, the community expanded. It reached over 70 million registered players, and this is all thanks to the game’s initiation into eSports. Ubisoft decided that creating a Rainbow Six eSports field was the best decision, therefore they partnered with ESL to make this happen.
Currently, the game can be played on various platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation5.

What Makes It Different from Similar Games?

Rainbow Six Siege is not the only shooter game out there. Various epic games in this genre have become huge eSports, with millions of players worldwide. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is already a big name in eSports and has been for a while, and Call of Duty has a large community as well.

Still, each game has something different to offer, and despite all of these names focusing on the shooting aspect, you can achieve unique things from each.

Rainbow Six Siege, for instance, is less about going out of control with your firearms while shooting enemies and more about coming up with good strategies. Unlike other video games, Rainbow Six Siege makes you more vulnerable. Simply put, you can die after being hit by a few bullets only.
Also, you can destroy things like ceilings and walls. They can be used for your tactics and strategies as well.

The PC gamer will therefore have to focus on their own safety too while coming up with ways to meet their objectives.

How Do You Play Rainbow Six Siege?

Whether you went for the PC game, PlayStation game, or Xbox game, Rainbow Six Siege will be the same on all platforms.

Two teams will participate in a game, each of them having 5 members. They will have to attack or defend, taking turns in doing so. In some matches, teams have to rescue a hostage or defuse a bomb, whereas in other matches you have to gain control of various objectives in a room.

Tips for Being Successful in Rainbow Six Siege

If you want to be recognized for your performance and skills in epic games like Rainbow Six, here are some tips that will help you improve your gameplay:
• Be fast when peeking. Otherwise, enemies can take advantage of this and shoot at you.
• Don’t be greedy! It’s always better to win more rounds than focus on killing opponents.
• Have patience. Creating a strategy and applying it takes time. Rushing can bring the demise of your team.
• Make your enemies feel uncomfortable as soon as possible.
• Always communicate with your teammates.

Final Thoughts

Getting good at Rainbow Six Siege will take some time. However, if you work hard enough, you can make it into a great eSports team and then show up on the Rainbow Six Siege eSport schedule when you participate in tournaments.