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Player ID Player Name Total Earnings Rating Last Game
1 Gsla Марко Пилия No info No Info No info
2 Mugittan - No info No Info No info
3 Sylvia - No info No Info No info
4 Sally - No info No Info No info
5 Woltz - No info No Info No info
6 nanyanen - No info No Info No info
7 Xes7 - No info No Info No info
8 soraz - No info No Info No info
9 berushra - No info No Info No info
10 Uneko - No info No Info No info
11 akizakura - No info No Info No info
12 SummerKing - No info No Info No info
13 yata - No info No Info No info
14 Measa - No info No Info No info
15 Rev - No info No Info No info
16 elf - No info No Info No info
17 Noel - No info No Info No info
18 Goki - No info No Info No info
19 nexas - No info No Info No info
20 EndLess - No info No Info No info

Best Rainbow Six Players to Follow

Who do you like to watch during Rainbow Six eSports events? The R6 scene is full of outstanding Rainbow Six players, with some of them having years of experience in the game.

With the latest Six Invitational events featuring large prize pools and many famous gamers, people are starting to wonder who the top ones are on the R6 servers. The players are always demonstrating their experience and talents in the game, and the rankings are constantly changing. But some names will stay at the top for a while.

You don’t have to search Rainbow Six players anymore, because this post has a list of some of the best gamers in R6.

1. Shaiiko

One of the Rainbow Six pro players you should check out is Shaiiko. He is part of BDS Esports. Things were not always great for him, though.

Initially, he was banned from the competitive R6 circuit. He was discovered to use macros, which resulted in him being banned between 2017 and 2019. But once he came back, he became one of the best and redeemed himself.
Thanks to him, BDS is always one of the top pro teams in the game.

2. Merc

Merc is part of TSM, and his performances are always praised by those who watch his matches. His pre-fires and amazing reflexes are what made him so popular.

In the 2022 Six Invitational, Merc along with the other members of the team managed to come 1st, winning the event. Merc alone has a record of 63% KOST, as well as 32 clutches in no less than 257 maps. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Paluh

Paluh is the best Rainbow 6 player for many people. He is a member of Team Liquid and was able to win two international tournaments.

He has a 71% KOST, as well as a 0.94 KPR, which is the second highest. Paluh is one of those professional gamers who delivers consistency and is always great to watch during competitions.

4. Psycho

The Ninjas in Pyjamas team is lucky to have a player like Psycho. He is one of the Rainbow Six top players and deserves his spot.

Thanks to his contribution, NiP won the Six Invitational 2021. But that is not the only success of the team. Psycho has proven to be a key part of NiP, especially considering he’s its in-game leader.

5. Astro

Astro deserves a spot as one of the best Rainbow Six players. He is part of the FaZe Clan, and his gameplay is truly outstanding.

Thanks to his performance, talent, and skills, FaZe clan won the Sweden Major of 2021 and managed to place 3rd in the Six Invitational 2022.

If you want a good player to watch online in R6 games that will never disappoint, Astro is the ideal choice.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, you need a Rainbow Six players guide to tell you which players are worth supporting at the moment. We hope this list included at least one player that sparked your interest.