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Team Name Earned Rating
1 LFO $ 15000 0.00
2 BS $ 4500 0.00
3 gBots No Info 0.00
4 VwS No Info 0.00
5 Orbit No Info 0.00
6 GiFu No Info 0.00
7 PENTA No Info 0.00
8 Warrior No Info 0.00
9 TCM No Info 0.00
10 EPS No Info 0.00
11 Aera No Info 0.00
12 dat fLAM3RS No Info 0.00
13 RR No Info 0.00
14 Mythic No Info 0.00
15 Kingdom No Info 0.00
16 GeG No Info 0.00
17 Astral A No Info 0.00
18 PDucks No Info 0.00
19 gBots PRO No Info 0.00
20 Yunktis No Info 0.00


Best Rainbow Six Teams to Watch in Competition Games

Every single team in Rainbow Six strives to be the best and get as many achievements as possible. However, being successful in such a challenging game is not as easy as some may want it to be. It takes a lot of time and practice, and sometimes members of various teams give up.

Professional Rainbow Six teams have a different story, though. Whether they faced challenges or not, they didn’t give up on what they wanted. Now, they participate in big tournaments and gathered massive fan bases.

Who are these pro groups, though? Here is a list of the most successful teams in Rainbow Six.

1. Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the most familiar names in the eSport industry. Established in 2,000 in the Netherlands, the group has been playing various video games, one of them Being StarCraft II.

In 2018, it joined the Rainbow 6 teams field. Now, they are one of the most notable teams on the R6 servers.

This comes after the group won the Copa Elite Six – Season 2021: Stage 1 event, taking home $62,500. They also got 2nd place in the Six Invitational 2021 and 3rd place in the Six Major Mexico 2021 event.

2. FaZe Clan

Anyone who has played eSports for a while has heard the name “FaZe Clan”. This is one of the most recognized names today, especially after the team played so many games in professional tournaments.

They are, of course, also one of the best Rainbow Six pro teams today. They proved this by winning the Six Sweden Major in 2021, taking home no less than $200k in prize money. On top of that, they were also one of the top three teams in the 2022 Six Invitational.

Of course, people are expecting even greater things from its Rainbow Six team members.

3. Team oNe eSports

Team oNe eSports is one of those Rainbow Six eSport teams that don’t play around. You cannot miss them in competitions, because their performance is just too spectacular. If you see them on a tournament’s schedule, you know things are about to get good.

This group won the Six Mexico Major 2021, but they also came 2nd in the Copa Elide Six – Season 2021: Stage 2 and Copa Elite Six – Season 2021: Stage 3 events.

4. DarkZero eSports

In DarkZero eSports, all members fulfill their roles perfectly – which is what often leads to their success. They are a strong team that doesn’t play around.

They won the Six Charlotte Major, taking home a generous prize. This comes after they had a few smaller wins in other leagues. On top of the Six Charlotte Major, they also placed high in a few other tournaments.
For instance, in the North American League 2020 – US Division – Finals, they came 2nd.

Final Thoughts

Looking for some great teams to support? Consider the ones mentioned in this list. You will surely love their outstanding gameplay.