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Tournament Name Prize Teams Players
1 Major USA 2023 $ 750000 No info No info
2 Gamers8 2023 $ 2000000 8 teams No info
3 GWB 2023 $ 2500000 16 teams No info
4 MNEB S5 $ 8720 8 teams No info
5 Major Copenhagen 2023 $ 750000 26 teams No info
6 AL 2023 $ 290000 18 teams No info
7 GA 2023 $ 5459 16 teams No info
8 6 French Challengers S4 $ 5412 10 teams No info
9 Voltage S1 No info 10 teams No info
10 LATAML 2023 No info 11 teams No info
11 JPL 2023 $ 292390 12 teams No info
12 NAL 2023 $ 223000 17 teams No info
13 MENAL 2023 $ 50000 8 teams No info
14 EUL 2023 $ 381780 12 teams No info
15 OCL 2023 $ 100800 10 teams No info
16 BRL 2023 $ 366430 13 teams No info
17 SKL 2023 $ 281562 10 teams No info
18 Saudi eLeague 2023 $ 106570 8 teams No info
19 FUKUROI CUP 2023 No info 4 teams No info
20 Six Invitational 2023 $ 3000000 103 teams No info

Top Rainbow Six Tournaments Every Fan Should Watch

Every year, passionate Rainbow Six fans are waiting for the most exciting things: tournaments. Different dates bring various incredible events, where the greatest eSports players and teams are showing off their talent, skills, and knowledge.

Rainbow Six tournaments are a great opportunity for players to make themselves known and earn rewards. At the same time, they also offer fans the chance to learn more about professional gaming and perhaps even make bets.
But which tournaments are the best to spend your time watching? Let’s see which events you should consider in the future.

1. Gamers Without Borders 2022

One championship that will take place this year is the Gamers Without Borders 2022. It will happen in August and will be focused on charity. The prize pool is $2 million. Then, there will be an extra prize pool of $1.5 million. This one is going to be donated to a charitable cause.
Not only will this Rainbow Six Siege tournament of champions show you some amazing teams and players, but it will also bring the joy of seeing people in need getting help.

2. Six Invitational

The tournament that all fans are looking forward to is the Six Invitational. The annual event is always marked in the schedule of R6 fans’ as they don’t want to miss the action.
This is one of the Rainbow Six Siege gaming tournaments with a little bit of history, as it’s been happening since 2017. Ever since, the event held editions every year, featuring many champions.
Six Invitational tournaments also have the biggest Rainbow Six Siege tournament prize. It tends to go up to $3 million – allowing the winners to take home huge sums of money.

3. Regional Rainbow Six Leagues

Regional Leagues are also worth watching. They are smaller tournaments that are organized regularly by Ubisoft, so they are bound to be great.
Fans could watch regional tournaments such as:
• Copa Elite Six
• Korean Open
• European League
• North American League
• Campeonato Sudamericano
• APAC South/APAC North

4. Six Major

The Six Major events are also something you cannot miss. When the event is unfolding, all fans turn on their PC to see the latest results. The prize pools reach $500k.

What’s also great about this Rainbow Six Siege tournament is that it takes place in various countries across the planet. Many teams must travel to other places in the world to participate, but it is great seeing the events happening in so many different locations.

If you need a great event to bet on, consider the Six Major tournaments.

The Bottom Line

So, which one is the Rainbow Six Siege biggest tournament you should watch? The decision is up to you to make, as you now have a list of the best options. You can choose one or more of them to get your inspiration for future matches.