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Team Name Earned Rating
1 FNC $ 100000 442.00
2 LOUD $ 160000 260.00
3 NAVI $ 40000 179.40
4 DRX $ 105000 143.52
5 LEV $ 40000 93.60
6 NRG $ 90000 93.60
7 100T $ 25000 93.60
8 TLN $ 25000 74.88
9 TS $ 20000 26.00
10 VIT $ 10000 26.00
11 FUR $ 15000 26.00
12 FUT $ 10000 26.00
13 GIA $ 10000 26.00
14 KC $ 10000 20.80
15 EG $ 50000 20.80
16 C9 $ 35000 15.60
17 DSG $ 1000 5.20
18 SR No Info 5.20
19 KOI No Info 0.35
20 ZETA $ 15000 0.35


Tournament Date
VCT 2023 GC Championship 2023-11-28
VALORANT Champions 2023 2023-08-06
VCT 2023 Pacific LC 2023-07-15
VCT 2023 EMEA LC 2023-07-15
VCT 2023 Americas LC 2023-07-15
VCT 2023 China 2023-07-03
VCA 2023 Americas 2023-06-30
VCA 2023 EMEA 2023-06-30
VCA 2023 Pacific 2023-06-28
SEL 2023 S1 2023-06-15

Which Are the Best Valorant Teams in 2022?

After Riot Games launched Valorant, more and more people started playing the game. Some not only wanted to stay entertained but also thought it would be a good idea to join the professional field as part of large Valorant teams.
This is why in 2022, only two years since the amazing eSports game was released, we have a plethora of Valorant eSports teams to keep an eye on. There are more and more world teams coming to life as well.

But which eSport team names made it to the top-ranked teams league list in Valorant? Let’s see.

1. Sentinels

Whether you’re watching eSport events on Valorant casually or you’re keeping up with every single tournament, you must already know about Sentinels. The team formed in 2020, and that same year they made it to the First Strike: North America semifinals. Their success story started when they won Masters: Reykjavik 2021, placing them high on Valorant team rankings.

The Sentinels group is filled with champions – all the players are great, skilled players who are hard to beat in Valorant. Every eSports tournament with them in it is bound to be amazing.

2. Acend

Acend is one of the eSports team names that only appeared in 2021. What made them stand out is their success in the European Stage 1 Masters. They won this event, making them one of the pro Valorant teams that everyone was excited to see more of.

In December 2021, they won Valorant Champions, which further secured them as one of the best Valorant teams.

3. Fnatic

Fnatic is a popular name in a lot of eSports games, and they excel even at Valorant. The Valorant roster managed to become runners-up at Masters: Reykjavik 2021. Later, they got to the playoffs of Valorant Champions.
They are certainly one of the top Valorant teams in Europe at the moment, so you shouldn’t miss them.

4. Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports couldn’t be missing from this list considering it’s consistently in one of the top spots in eSports rankings. The Russian organization was already known for CS: GO, and they don’t disappoint in Valorant either.
What placed them so high in team rankings is the fact that they won different Valorant Champions Tour games in their area. Then, in the EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs, they ended up being 1st. Later, in Berlin, they won the Masters event. They were also finalists in the Valorant Champions event. It’s no secret that they are one of the best eSports teams right now.

Final Thoughts

All eSports teams in Valorant have something to prove to the world, yet the first spots in the teams rankings can be occupied only by certain teams. The top eSports teams will continue to prove how amazing they are, so make sure to follow them on their journey.